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Afternoon enrichment

PAL's Afternoon Enrichment Program is offered to students throughout the 2022-23 academic school year. PAL's AE offers homework assistance, enriching activities, PM Snack & Dinner. We also provide transportation from select schools

As a participating family, guardians are required to volunteer for one hour per quarter of the school year. You must also attend a team meeting at least once a quarter so that we may have the chance to communicate victories, challenges & strategies for success. We want to be a TEAM for your student!

Step 1 

Ensure that your student is on our transport list. If they are not, you will need to put a request in to CMS to create a stop

Step 2 

Fill out a 2022-2023 Annual Membership Application

Step 3 

Return or email application to PAL along with birth certificate and a tax return from 2020 or 2021

Step 4 

Scroll to the end of this page and add a Registration to your cart and Check Out. You will receive a confirmation #. You are now enrolled.

Parked School Buses
  • Statesville Ele

  • David Cox Ele

  • Winding Springs Ele

  • Ranson Middle

Transportation List

If your school is not listed you may contact your school board and request a stop to be added to have school bus transport to PAL.

Annual PAL Application Here

complete and return to PAL or email to

before signing up

  • Is your school on the transportation list or do you have alternative transportation

  • Afternoon Enrichment runs on the CMS school calendar. We will be open select teacher workdays, early release days & minor holidays

  • Have you filled out and signed a 2021-2022 PAL application (A new one is required each august)

  • Have you turned in a birth certificate and Tax return from 2020 or 2021

  • Have you received your weekly payrate from PAL based on your tax return (tuition is on a sliding scale based on income)

  • You are aware that a guardian from each child is required to volunteer one hour of their time to PAL per school quarter

  • You are aware that a guardian from each child is required to attend a team meeting at PAL per school quarter  

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