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Welcome to Troop 1330

PAL is excited to introduce Girl Scout Troop 1330!! We created a girl scout troop because we wanted to bring more female focused programs to our roster. At this time we are accepting K-3 to create a Daisy & Brownie Troop.


All About Troop 1330

If interested in joining Troop 1330, please complete the form below and we will contact you on how to move forward and information you will need along the way. 

Our Troop, once meetings begin, will meet twice a month on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30p. One meeting will be in person while the other will be virtual. Here are some steps we will be taking to keep our meetings safe for our scouts.

  • Meeting space will be sanitized before and after each meeting

  • Temperature of staff and scouts will be taken each meeting

  • Handwashing will be required at the start of each meetings

  • Masks are required during meeting times

  • We have hybrid meetings, so we have virtual meetings as well to limit contact

Meeting will be held at PAL, 1330 Spring Street, Charlotte NC 28206

We are still looking for Troop Leaders & Assistants. If interested, please reach out.




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